Session on diversity and inclusion by Rashmi Lamba

SCMHRD recently hosted an engaging session on gender and diversity, conducted by Ms. Rashmi Lamba. With over 40 years of experience in film and TV production, advertising, and event management, Ms. Lamba brought invaluable insights and sparked meaningful discussions. This event was hosted by Mr. Rohan Kaushal.


Session on Road Safety

The enlightening session on Road Safety was conducted virtually by Mr. Pankaj Singh. It was an incredible privilege of students to have Mr. Singh share his expertise and knowledge and the invaluable insights he provided. The session on road safety was eye opening and Mr. Singhs extensive experience in the field of road safety, combined with his comprehensive understanding of traffic regulations provided students with a wealth of practical knowledge.


Empowering Student Well-being: Symbicare Session at Symbiosis - A Journey Towards Health and Balance

Symbiosis is a home to more than 1000+ students. The institute and the students have responsibilities for each other. Symbicare was one of the sessions where students were guided by the various representatives from Symbiosis International University.

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