"In February, SCMHRD's Guest Lecture Team is set to host "Arthashastra," a pivotal panel discussion on the Indian Union Budget 2024. We're taking the ancient wisdom of the Arthashastra and applying it to decode what the government's latest financial moves mean for us. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how the budget will influence the country's economic landscape, making the intricacies of fiscal policy more accessible and understandable.

"Arthashastra" promises to be a confluence of insights, bringing together industry experts across sectors for a post-budget analysis. This discussion, moderated by one of SCMHRD's esteemed professors, will offer a unique perspective on the budget's implications for economic growth, infrastructure development, and social upliftment. It aligns with the Arthashastra's principles of achieving economic equilibrium and societal welfare.

"Arthashastra" reflects SCMHRD's commitment to academic excellence and its effort to prepare students and the community for the evolving economic environment. It's an opportunity to engage with thought leaders and gain insights into the economic direction of India, moderated by a faculty member with deep expertise in the field.

We invite all who are keen to explore the dynamics of the Union Budget 2024 and its broader implications to join us for this enlightening session. This event is not just a discussion but a journey towards understanding the essence of economic policy-making and its impact on our future.".

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