Igniting Innovation and Empowering Entrepreneurs:
Get ready to dive into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation with STRATOMANIA 8.0, the flagship event organized by the Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell (E-CON Cell) of SCMHRD, Pune. With the theme "Seize Your Future: Transform Ideas into Impact," this year's event promises to be bigger, better, and more impactful than ever before.

Elevating the Experience
At STRATOMANIA 8.0, we're committed to providing participants with a rich, immersive experience. From thought-provoking discussions to hands-on workshops, attendees can expect to immerse themselves in a world of entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategic thinking. The event will challenge participants to think outside the box, tackle real-world business challenges, and incubate groundbreaking ventures.

Unveiling Opportunities
One of the highlights of STRATOMANIA 8.0 is the opportunity for participants to showcase their prowess and connect with industry stalwarts. With prizes totalling up to ?2,00,000, the event serves as a premier platform for budding entrepreneurs to gain recognition, and validation and potentially kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. Whether it's pitching innovative business ideas, solving complex case studies, or networking with seasoned professionals, participants will have ample opportunities to make their mark and seize their future.

Key Dates and Details
Mark your calendars for the 22nd and 23rd of February 2024, as these are the dates when the excitement of STRATOMANIA 8.0 will unfold. Participants can look forward to two days filled with inspiration, learning, and networking opportunities. Registrations are now open, and securing a spot at this prestigious event is just a click away. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this transformative experience register today and embark on a journey towards innovation and impact.

Golden Pitch
CaseStrat: Ultimate Case Study Competition
TradeMaster Challenge
GoldenStrat: Boardroom
Golden Pitch (Student Track)

Golden Pitch (Student Track):
The Student Track invites undergraduate and postgraduate students from across institutions to participate in a thrilling entrepreneurship journey. This exclusive event caters to those in the ideation phase, providing a platform to refine startup visions and connect with fellow budding entrepreneurs. The competition unfolds in three exciting rounds: an Entrepreneurial Quiz, an Idea Abstract Submission, and a Shark Tank Presentation. Participants can expect mentorship and incubation opportunities.

Golden Pitch (Startup Track)
The Startup Track offers startups from across India a platform to pitch their business concepts to a panel of seasoned judges. With rounds focusing on Idea Abstract Submission and Shark Tank Presentation, selected finalists will have the opportunity to receive expert guidance, mentorship, and potential incubation opportunities.

CaseStrat: Ultimate Case Study Competition
CaseStrat challenges participants to devise optimal strategies and innovative solutions to real-world business challenges. With three compelling stages, including an online quiz, executive summary submission, and final presentation, participants can showcase their analytical and problem-solving skills.

Enigma, SCMHRD's flagship guesstimate contest, invites students from top B?Schools and undergrad colleges to showcase their strategic acumen and consulting prowess. Participants can unravel the Enigma and demonstrate their business problem-solving abilities with a preliminary quiz and final guesstimate analysis.

TradeMaster Challenge
Experience the thrill of trading with the TradeMaster Challenge, a 3-day Mock Trading Competition. Participants can sharpen their trading instincts and showcase their investment prowess without any real-world risks.

GoldenStrat: Boardroom
GoldenStrat: Boardroom offers participants an immersive experience in strategic decision-making. With three dynamic phases, including an aptitude quiz, online case study, and boardroom simulation, participants can unleash their potential and chart a course toward victory.

STRATOMANIA 8.0 is not just an event; it's a platform for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to unleash their potential and make a difference. With its focus on igniting innovation, fostering collaboration, and empowering individuals to transform ideas into impact, this year's edition promises to be an unforgettable experience. Whether you're a student, an entrepreneur, or simply someone with a passion for innovation, STRATOMANIA 8.0 has something for everyone. So, seize the opportunity, seize your future, and join us on this exciting journey of discovery and growth. .

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