Pioneering Success: The Vikas Nahar Legacy - From SCMHRD to Happilo's Triumph

The induction week for the incoming MBA cohort of 2023-2025 at SCMHRD Pune, kicked off with an inspiring session, by Mr. Vikas Nahar, a successful self-made entrepreneur and a distinguished alumni of Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development. He revolutionised the dry fruit industry in India and is the founder of Happilo, a Bangalore based gourmet healthy food brand. The session delved into the journey of Mr. Nahar who established a company from the ground up, which has now reached a remarkable valuation of Rs 300 Crores. Mr. Nahar, renowned for his appearance as a guest 'shark' on Season 2 of Shark Tank India, became a noteworthy figure due to his achievements. Mr. Nahar not only talked about his companys success, but also shared anecdotes of his life back when he was studying in the b-school. He provided a comprehensive insight into his entrepreneurial journey, discussing the hurdles he encountered, and how his company grew to become the official brand sponsor for the Royal Challengers Bangalore Team in IPL 2023. At the time of the COVID-19 lockdown in March and April 2020, the biggest challenge for Happilo was the disruption in inventory and sales as only supply of essential products was granted by the government. Tons of stock was lying in the warehouse which was a major roadblock. Mr. Nahars strategy and presence of mind about how dry fruits could be used as an essential commodity to help boost immunity, was indeed a great idea which helped the business to bounce back. When almost every business was struggling during the pandemic, he took it as an opportunity and scaled up his numbers and evaluation. After facing numerous high and lows, today he aims to take Happilo at a global level. With new ventures starting in middle-east Asia, and Arab countries, he has already made his mind clear that there is no stopping after this and he wishes to become the number one leader in the dry fruit snacks industry. As students of SCMHRD, we take immense pride in celebrating our alumni's accomplishments. It's truly inspiring to witness someone who was once a student at SCMHRD is now attaining remarkable success. Throughout its history, SCMHRD has consistently nurtured individuals who have soared heights to excel and take leadership roles across various industries. The students from the batch of 2023-25 are excited to embark on similar yet enriching journeys of their own. .

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