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On 20th July 2018 SCMHRD had Deodutta Kurane, Group President – Human Capital Management at YES BANK, on campus to address the 2018-2020 batch students. Mr. Deodutta, a Gold Medallist in Industrial Relations and Welfare from XLRI, Jamshedpur

has over 30 years of rich experience in diverse facets of HRM across industries.

We also had our alumnus Priyanka Chakraborty currently employed as a Manager at YES BANK grace the occasion.

Mr. Deodutta highlighted that YES BANK’s vision is to become a Large High Quality Bank.

He highlighted how they use ART – (Agility, Relationship and Technology) approach in banking and the key areas YES BANK focuses on, which are –

  1. Being Agile and maintaining speed of work.
  2. Customer Centricity rather than Product Centricity.
  3. Knowledge Banking.

Mr. Deodutta expressed his fondness for SCMHRD, by highlighting that SCMHRD is set apart from other top Indian B-schools by the VALUES incorporated in the institution.

Later Ms. Priyanka introduced the 7th Edition of Transformation Series Case Study Competition 2018. #SCMHRD will be competing with students across B- schools to bag the coveted Champions Title.

She also spoke about – YES – PROFRESSIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM(Y-PEP) – an innovative Talent Acquisition program of YES BANK. Post Final Review at the end of Y-PEP PPOs are rolled out to best of the lot!

Mr. Deodutta ended the session on a humble and inspiring note by sharing his FORMULA for successful careers and more-

The concept of PULSE is

P – Passion

U- Uniqueness

L- Leadership

S- Social Skills

E- Energy and Enthusiasm


Deepali Kichloo

SCMHRD| MBA 2018-2020

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