YES Bank Transformation Series Case Study Challenge-Campus Round

14292259_1162197227198164_6172836954140419249_nThe SCMHRD campus round of India’s largest case study challenge, the YES Bank Transformation series was held on 16th September, 2016. A global case study challenge, that provides a platform to test the ability to assimilate innovation and agility to real world problems, YES Bank’s transformation series ’16 had the theme : “creating impact through disruptive innovation”. The campus round saw six teams armed with radical ideas to provide the most comprehensive solutions.

The panelists present on campus were Anup Purohit, Chief Information Officer at YES Bank, Tushar Patil, Regional Sales Head (West) at Zaggle, and Sanjida Bisht, Branch Head at Zaggle. We also welcomed our esteemed alumna from the 2014-2016 batch, Pratibha Elsa Thomas. Each team had ten minutes to present their plans and answer the questions put forth by the judges. The panelists were impressed by the efforts the teams had put in for research, which enabled them to pull off unique, effective and well-rounded solutions. The teams were appreciated for the depth in coverage provided by their presentations.

After the nail biting competition, Team Unmethodicals, comprising Neha Chandrashekar, Shubhendu Shekar, and Pranav Patwardhan emerged as the campus winners. They were also awarded for the Best Marketing Plan. Their workable and practical solution based on negative capital was commended by the judges. They walked away with a prize money of Rs. 25,000 and merchandise.  Team Timon and Pumba were the runners-up and they were also awarded for the Most Innovative Idea for their focus on rural markets. Garima Gautam, from the same team, walked away with the Best Presenter award. The was won by team Layman Brothers. All six presentations were insightful and carefully thought out, serving as sources for important pointers and directives for the junior batch who would be looking forward to participating with equal vigour and zeal the following year.pic-1


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