Yashasvi 2022

‘Yashasvi’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘To Be Successful.’ The desire to be ‘Yashasvi’ propels people towards their goals and serves as the winds of change as they pursue their dreams. Hence, it seems befitting to name the annual management conclave organized by the Management Committee at SCMHRD after the propitious term. The event brings together corporates and students from the best business schools in India to discuss the most pressing issues in the fast-paced business world. It is a two-legged event that includes a plethora of leadership talks and thought-provoking case-study competitions. 

Yashasvi 2022 kicked off on 17th January with a series of panel discussions under the theme ‘EVOLUER – changing business dynamics.’ This year, the discussion revolved around topics such as the rise in the gig era and social media driving the business sphere, among the others. Some of the prominent guests who were a part of this edition of Yashasvi were Mr. Sudhansu Misra, CHRO – Tata Coffee, Mr. Manav Mehra, Finance Director- Erricson India, Mr. Krishnakumar CS, VP CHRO – Essar, Mr. Hitesh Uppal, CFO – MagicBricks, Mr. Ganesh S, CHRO – Eruditus & Emeritus, Mr. Vamshi Mohan, VP HR – Bajaj Auto, Ms. Pooja Bahuguna, Senior Vice President – HR, Grasim, Mr. Vidya Sagar Gannamani, Chairman and MD – Adecco, Ms. Harini Shekar, Director – Analytics consulting, Tiger Analytics, and Mr. Anupam Katheriya, AVP – Marketing and Business Development, Emami Ltd. These sessions served as a unique opportunity to meet and learn from some of the industry’s most successful business leaders and pioneers. 

It is not time to ring in the festivities yet! Adding to this, Yashasvi 2022 set the stage for some fierce competition. Some of the finest minds from India’s top business schools were given the opportunity to prove their grit through six mind-boggling case study contests. The competitions conducted were Make-Ur-Mark, which assessed one’s understanding of marketing principles; tHRive, which served as an opportunity for all to prove their mettle in the field of human resources; in-FIN-ity, a contest where participants put their skills to the test to solve financial problems; tact-4-OPS, the operations case study that required the participants to demonstrate a high level of operational management capability; em-BA-rk, the business analytics case study that tested one’s analytic proficiency; PRODigy, the product management case study that nudged the participants into the shoes of a product manager.

Yashasvi was initiated with the aim to increase awareness and encourage active participation of the students in the different facets of MBA. The multi-day event concluded with the last of its panel discussions on 19th January 2022. Essentially, the Management Committee, through Yashasvi, aims to be an ever-evolving source of information and opportunities for all SCMHRDians willing to go the extra mile to reach the top. Taking after the event’s logo, a majestic equine, Yashasvi 2022, was the true epitome of wisdom and progress. As the event comes to an end, the spark of knowledge the event ignited slowly catches up like a wildfire in the SCMHRD fraternity.

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