World Environment Day 2018 @ SCMHRD

On the occasion of 45 th World Environment Day (WED) a special session was conducted at SCMHRD Pune campus by Dr. Rahul B Hiremath (Assistant Professor SCMHRD) which was attended by faculty, staff and all the newly joined students of MBA, MBA(IM & BA) batch of 2018-20. The session was focused on the WED 2018 theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”. The session also mentioned the key initiatives taken by some people in India and around the world to reduce plastic pollution.

The session began with Dr. Rahul showing some statistics of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on the usage of plastic around the world and UNEP’s major focus areas in reducing plastic which included reducing micro-plastics from getting mixed into major water bodies and also research for alternatives to plastic. Then some examples of initiatives taken in this regard were shown, the first one was about Mr. Rajagopalan Vasudevan who is also called “The Plastic Man of India” who gave his patent of building roads from plastic to Government of India for free which helped in constructing over 5000KMs of roads so far. For this noble cause and innovation, he was awarded Padma Shri in the year 2018. The second example was about edible cutlery which serves food and other edibles in plates/cups/spoons made from edible items such as Maize, Wheat, Jowar etc. They not only help in the reducing the percentage of single-use plastic in the environment but also helps farmers in getting a good amount for their produce. Third example was regarding “Plastic Bank” started in Canada which collects plastic from people and offers money and other essentials in return and they recycle that plastic which can be used again. Last example was regarding an application called as “Litterati” which helps in making society litter free by the use of tags. Dr. Hiremath also requested Dr. Netra Neelam to be the flag bearer from SCMHRD by forming an SCMHRD group on this app and posting a picture on this application which she readily accepted. He also asked her to spread awareness about this application with other institutes of Symbiosis.

In a nutshell, the session dealt with providing solutions and how one can contribute to this year’s theme. The session dealt on focusing exploration, experimentation and evaluation stages of innovation through case studies. It also left us to ponder a lot on ways to ensure that our future generations live in clean and green planet.

“Common individuals can make a difference. But collaboratively they can make an impact.”


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