Trepidation, excitement, and apprehension described the heady mix of emotions that went through my mind as I made my way to SCMHRD from Mumbai. Three months is not enough time to prepare oneself to leave a city that has its tendrils snared across your heart. Yet there I was breaking the bond, albeit only for 2 years (fingers crossed). Later in the day, as I unpacked and moved in to my corner of the room, I couldn’t help but feel exhilarated yet scared at the prospect of finally starting my MBA. As the first week progressed, all the tidbits that I had read on blogs, insights gleaned from conversations, and other preconceived notions could not have prepared me enough and this was just the beginning. Having two adorable puppies on campus definitely helped but for the lack of a better cliché; this was a whole new ball game!

Amidst all the initial socializing, introduction to the ginormous first semester portion, and intense Milaap discussions, the days had whizzed past like the Flash. OBL and AOL were welcome breaks from the rigors of our beloved classrooms, and turned out to be even better than I had expected. As usual, SCMHRD always knew how to surprise me-there is something defining about being packed off to the outdoors with people you’re just getting to know. Just as the batch set into the mundane routine of back–to-back lectures, the notorious Committee rounds were upon us. A labyrinth of decisions, discussions, and hastily put together presentations, it was even more grueling than we had been told. From form filling to the final results, sleep deprivation to sudden appreciation for soggy Nescafe Maggi at 4:30 am, the selection process was both enlightening and fun.

These two fast-paced months have made the word “fleeting” common parlance-things change and move at an astronomical pace. The quest to remain updated on everything from assignments to gossip is a perilous one (pardon my tendency to exaggerate). Here’s hoping for many more of months of new experiences and adventures-SCMHRD does have a knack for surprises!

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