SCMHRD was happy to host our very own Alumnus- Mr. Manish Chum, Director and Head HR – Global Product Organization – India Region at Whirlpool Corporation, on campus. Post graduating from #SCMHRD, Mr. Manish worked for Satyam Ltd, Maersk Line and now at Whirlpool since 2012.

Mr. Manish conducted a crisp and candid session with the students. He was unique in the way that his PPT did not feature any texts, rather just images. Each image depicted a message and the same was elaborated by Mr. Manish. He believes that in life – ‘Extremes never exist’.

Talking about HR practices, he highlighted that employers and employees have cracked the Science behind recruitment but miss out on its Art part i.e how to face a failure or changing career paths. He also talked about how essential it is to showcase other peoples’ success when you climb the ladder, as then – your success is not your success but a result of the effort of the team under you.

Mr. Manish was quick to dole out some tips for beings a successful leader, such as

  • Balance your Potential v/s Performance graph.
  • Be a good buyer of ideas and not just a seller.
  • Identify your differentiated value.
  • Take career pauses and deliberate.
  • Don’t burn yourself out.
  • Network to a certain extent only – avoid politics.
  • Encourage trial and error.
  • Be an active listener.

Lastly, he mentioned that in today’s time the LINES ARE GETTING BLURRED. There are no straight lines in the way jobs are being defined. Since there is no clarity about the future, it is best to stay as relevant and aware as possible.

Deepali Kichloo

SCMHRD | MBA 2018-2020


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