“What’s in store for an NRI at SCMHRD”

A year back on June 4, 2017, I arrived in India for a whole different reason. It was to experience SCMHRD. From experiencing the rigour an Indian B School to the vibrancies of Indian culture, Life at Scmhrd was a full packaged deal of an Indian adventure one couldn’t find even on a Make my trip site. Though away from home for the first time, and the thought of my family being in another country use to always dawn on me, but the friends I made here never let me stay idol, rather I could say with full conviction my entire day was a rollercoaster ride, from classes, to projects to competitions to parties.

What I found truly unique about SCMHRD was their core belief in giving a student a whole 360 view of how life is. I truly learnt a lot about the Indian workplace, industry and way of working. Moreover the tremendous business competitions that came to us in SCMHRD gave me a platform to apply my knowledge & ideas I learnt outside of India, in an Indian context.

I think those festive nights of Navratri, Lohri, Chaturthi to those campus engagements of big MNCs brought with it learnings I could say I wouldn’t have got to indulge in anywhere.

To add to the cherry in the cake I went for an Exchange program in December of 2017 to Europe. This was my first experience outside Asia & it added to so much of learnings and memories I will cherish for a life time. Coming to Scmhrd surely gave my travel goals and helped will by bucket lists with both Learnings & Experiences.

Truly SCMHRD is a flag bearer of The Moto Vasudheva Kutumbakam. The World is one Family. I couldn’t more Thankful to SCMHRD #NRI #ThailandtoIndia #Scmhrdxp

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