What makes SCMHRD stand apart?

SCMHRD is a premier institution honing world-class business leaders and nurturing the future of Corporate India. Established in 1993, the three-decade-long legacy of the prestigious B-school is a testament to the institute’s stellar placements, academic rigor, and excellent teaching pedagogies. 

There is a multitude of factors that make SCMHRD stand out from its counterparts. Firstly, the prestigious AACSB Accreditation is accorded to the institute. This laurel rests only with 19 B schools in India and about 5% of B Schools globally. The accreditation is given to those unparalleled institutions which have shown continuous growth, the relevance of curriculum, high caliber quality faculty, leading-edge courses, and teaching impact and effectiveness. A student at SCMHRD would thus get an exceptional quality of education and research opportunities along with exposure to processes in education that are globally benchmarked. 

The student-driven culture of SCMHRD makes it preeminent. There are 14 clubs and committees at the institute. The students have positions of responsibility for almost every vital process, from placements, admissions, public relations, media coverage, guest lectures, and cultural events, to social responsibility initiatives. These activities add to the managerial experience of students before they step into the corporate world- be it budgeting for different events or organizing them- it gives the students practical exposure to management, which is an added skill apart from what is learned in academics. Symbiosis being a health-promoting university, SCMHRD also follows the same and puts a lot of emphasis on students’ physical as well as mental health. A variety of sports activities where the students can participate and make use of the facilities provided on the campus.

A typical student at SCMHRD is exposed to diverse opportunities apart from academics- be it case study competitions, corporate competitions, inter-B school competitions, fests, and guest lectures. These opportunities allow students to further enhance their skills practically in their chosen domains or specializations. 

The campus of SCMHRD is in Rajiv Gandhi IT Park in Hinjewadi, Pune. Being in the midst of an IT park confers a strategic advantage to the SCMHRD campus. It provides greater accessibility to opportunities like live projects, which students like to partake in, and avenues for various industrial visits. The campus is a part of the city that is well connected by all modes of transport, and having access to nearby amenities of both entertainment and work, makes SCMHRD’s location its differentiating factor.

SCMHRD offers not only a specialized MBA but also two additional niche courses, which are for students interested in the highly specialized industries of Business Analytics and Infrastructure Development and management- the MBA in BA and MBA in IDM courses. These niche courses give an edge to SCMHRD, as very few coveted institutions countrywide offer these to their students. Students not only grasp the finer intricacies of these two streams but also apply their theoretical knowledge learned in class on the job in these burgeoning fields.

These factors are just the tip of the iceberg that makes SCMHRD stand out from its counterparts. The student-driven culture and the varied student diversity at the campus, owing to the myriad of specializations offered at SCMHRD, make it a unique place for many to embark on their professional journeys. Students who choose to be a part of the SCMHRD legacy will stand out in their career trajectories ahead.

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