VOIS Vantage 2021: SCMHRD brings home the cup!

It was a proud moment for SCMHRD on the 4th of October,2021 when the _VOIS Vantage Finale took place. Adding yet another feather to the cap, Team Voisterous from the First-year MBA batch made history, winning the First Year Track of _VOIS Vantage 2021. The vibrant bunch of four consisted of three HR students Bratendu Dey Chakraborty, Ronit Bhattacharya, Shruti Murarka and Souvik Ghosh, from the Marketing specialization. They were given a case that revolved around enhancing employee engagement, candidate engagement, and developing a futuristic workplace model. The case challenge consisted of 3 rounds, with the first round being the case solution submission round and the consequent two being case presentation rounds.

Speaking on how they took on the case, one of the team members remarked that they worked on it all round the clock whenever they could find time to meet. The team was focused on bringing an innovative touch to their solution by designing a web-based application that determined the employees’ Mental Health Quotient (MHQ). They also developed an interactive dashboard for cracking the case too. In these times of technological advent and digitization, the team was quick on their feet to think of a very relevant element in their solution. Taking this less-trodden path set apart team Voisterous from the other contesting teams.

Having won one of the prestigious case challenges offered for B-schools, a team member says it feels exhilarating and surreal. The winners were declared through a Zoom call with who’s who of _VOIS and the finalists from other B-schools in attendance. Few of them were awarded a PPI opportunity upon winning. The team says the journey presented them with a plethora of learning opportunities One of the unique aspects of this challenge was that each shortlisted team was assigned a mentor from _VOIS to guide them. They also learnt a lot from the feedbacks and Q&A sessions during the presentation rounds. It also helped them improve upon their strategy. The team used to roleplay, with each taking on the role of a jury member to prepare themselves for the Q&A sessions. The case also helped them delve deeper into the HR domain.

Wishing the future case challenge contestants, they say that having a solid plan with a well-thought-out strategy and research to back it up should prove successful. They also believe that even a simple idea can create ripples and implore participants to explore more. Making a diverse team also helps, adds one of them. It enabled them to bring different ideas to the table and brainstorm effectively. Their journey through the case serves as an inspiration to other students of SCMHRD to persevere until they strike gold. SCMHRD hopes to see them going on to win many more laurels in their corporate journey. The institute is proud of their efforts and wishes them the very best in their MBA journey.

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