Visit report – Prof. Suneel Kunamaneni, Leeds Beckett University in SCMHRD on 19th July 2018

Having a scholar- in- residence at SCMHRD is truly a treat. As everyone from the Director to the faculty members and the students are eager and look forward for the interaction. In the monsoon’s this year we were privileged to have one such scholar from the Leeds Beckett Business school- Prof.Suneel Kunamaneni. A Materials engineer by profession and a senior lector heading the strategy department at Leeds Business school, Prof Kunamaneni was a classic blend of industry-academia researcher. He had been instrumental in bringing multiple products at GE, Dow and many more multinationals.

Prof Kunamaneni’s sessions commenced with an introduction to Hi-tech marketing and an explanation of the characteristics of innovation. This was followed by a hands-on session of using the Bass model of diffusion of innovation. The students were provided data and were given formula to predict the sale of a hi-tech product in the next 7 years. The model illustrated the way a new product is initially adopted by the innovator category and later the same is mimicked by the imitator category in the market. This was then followed by the Analytical hierarchical processing model(AHP) to predict the success factors in case of a multi attribute product.

The following session after this focused on life cycle analysis of products, focusing on consumer’s green dilemmas. Prof Suneel provided the students with hands-on experience of calculating life cycle analysis of different materials with which coke bottles are made. Counterintuitive to the class’s assumption that glass is highly recyclable the life cycle analysis revealed glass has high cost incurring material in recycling process.

The sessions were highly informative and in no other way could diffusion of innovation be taught than this hands-on approach.

Prof. Suneel K with Director, Deputy Director, HEAD-International Initiatives-SCIE & All Marketing Faculty, SCMHRD

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