Virtual Yoga with SCMHRD

Yoga has its origination in the Sanskrit language, meaning ‘to unite or integrate’. Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, under Symbiosis International (Deemed University) with one of its missions of inculcating the spirit of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, encourages the notion of Yoga even further as one unites the body and other unites all the individual bodies.

As part of Batch 2020-22, living in the times of COVID, now being referred to as the unprecedented times, conducting every event, class, webinar online is the norm. With everything that is happening around us especially the growing concerns of health and well-being, it makes even more sense to have online sessions that just won’t include studying but also fitness programs like Yoga. Therefore, it was palpable that Yoga was introduced to the new batch in their first week of induction on 18th July 2020.

The yoga session introduced the students (some beginners, some enthusiasts) with the four major sets of poses including, the standing yoga poses, sitting yoga poses, lying down on the back-yoga poses, and lying down on the stomach yoga poses. The personal favourite amongst all the asanas that were shown religiously (more spiritually) by Ms.Vaishali Mane, a B.Sc. certified Yoga practitioner and an expert in Step aerobics, would definitely be the Child Pose. It helps one calm its nervous system and is a must in the life of an MBA graduate.

Introducing Yoga in the lives of the students (if done regularly) has immense benefits. We’ve all heard of Yoga; we’ve known about it yet this is something that has only gained serious

attention in the last few years. Yoga is Union – derives its literal meaning from the word ‘Yuj’. Yoga is nothing but the process of finding connection with the universe that surrounds you – it can be anything, any hobby you follow, any interest you want to pursue, or you want to find the right balance between mind and body. It is all about finding the right note with the spiritual music that hums around you. 

Sessions like these make it possible for students to find tranquility and balance to keep up with the rigor to be witnessed in the two years of MBA journey.

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