Virtual Campus Tour by Lt. Col Kadam

Changing times call for new alternatives and this is what the community at SCMHRD has always believed in. Keeping this in mind and not letting any aspect of the B-school experience diminish, SCMHRD with the guidance of its director Dr. Pratima Sheorey, started the virtual Induction ceremony for the incoming MBA batch of 2020-22 on 15th July 2020. On the 16th of July, the session from the campus administrator for the SIC campus was commenced by Lt. Col. P. L. Kadam (Retd.) who has been associated with Symbiosis for 10 years.

Lt. Col. Kadam started by congratulating and welcoming the students and familiarizing them with the location of SCMHRD and other institutes comprising the SIC campus. He continued to tell the students about the hostels and their abundant capacity of about 1624 students, containing all the necessary requirements including a dining hall, auditoriums, sports arena, gymnasium, study enclosures for combined study and a dedicated internet connection. He went on to tell about the medical facilities including a medical room on the campus, unique to the campus control room and introduced the students to security and housekeeping and stressed upon the importance of being polite and respectful to them. 

Lt. Col. Kadam kept the interaction invigorating by telling the batch about two pets of the campus, Lira and Dinar, who would be a part of their campus life. They would also double up as their companion for respite amidst the hectic schedule of a top-tier B – School. A dedicated courier service and reasonably well-equipped guest rooms were introduced to give the students a way to be close to their loved ones. The administrator proceeded by advising the students to use the abundant water and electricity resources available with caution and informing the audience about the attendance policies and some of the important rules which have to be followed regarding discipline, permissions 

The session was concluded with the administrator listing the different committees on the campus and ensuring the students about the various precautions taken by the institute against Covid 19 and reminding the students to play as hard as they work for an enriching and exciting MBA journey on the campus.

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