Vicissitude – Akshaya Iyer




Summers- the word assumes an entirely new connotation and significance for an MBA student. The weeks of preparation, the oppressive lead up to the commencement of the placement week and eventually the marathon of interviews and GDs that one undergoes during the week, it all comes to fruition when you finally get that hush hush confirmation about your selection. For me this keenly awaited response came from Shopclues. Time flew by in revelry and celebration, assignments and examination and soon my internship joining date arrived.


I interned at, Bangalore office in the Merchant Acquisition Department. The first two days were spent exploring the beautiful Garden City, hundreds of pretty cafes lining the bustling street, vibrant graffiti that makes the city pulsate with life and the amazing dosa recipes that have to be experienced at least once in life. Amidst the beautiful Bangalore drizzle and pleasing weather, I started my internship project.


My project entailed carrying out new market development activities in the 4 South Indian states of the then Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Main objective of visiting these cities was threefold:
Gathering market intelligence for all cities
To convince some key influencers / merchants to onboard Shopclues
To gather database so that the associated call centers can call and onboard the merchants
Initially the overall experience was extremely challenging because it involved travelling to many places, figuring out the main markets and finding my way around the language barrier. In the end, I was able to onboard a considerable number of merchants and gather a lot of market intelligence for the feet on sales team. Moreover I was able to gather ample database for the call centers.


With the successful completion of my internship, I realized that not only had it changed the entire landscape of my knowledge but also it had been an amazingly rewarding experience. Handling the entire project alone on ground was an exceptional sales and strategy stint. These two months have undoubtedly opened the doors to a brighter tomorrow. A good beginning maketh a good journey and my delightful internship at Shopclues has ensured that.

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