Two wins are better than one- SCMHRD shines at IIM-Ahmedabad


The victory selfie!

The 27th of November, 2016 saw SCMHRD plant their victory flags at two prestigious competitions held at IIM-Ahmedabad.

“Ideas of tomorrow”, a case study competition, wherein the students had to implement the use of ‘Internet of Things’ to facilitate education and healthcare was taken up by Aaron Abraham and Anirudh Jain. Competing against 119 teams from all over India, the team overcame all odds in order to emerge as the winners of the esteemed competition.

“International Case Masters”, a competition where  the participants had to design their own cases, was handled by Shivam Tiwari and Anirudh Jain. The duo came up with an intricate and beautifully constructed case about the problems faced by lesser conglomerates. The detailing that went into their approach and the originality of their case helped them beat 90 national teams and cement their position as the winners.

This commendable effort by the first year students added a new jewel in SCMHRD’s ever-growing treasury, and paved the path for active participation in various national competitions in the future.

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