Two Hours of Experiential Learning – Aditi Naidu

Experiential learning is a learning teaching mechanism that surely no business school can do without. As mentioned in an article in a major international management education accreditation site, experiential learning aids students in applying their knowledge through direct experience. A very true statement, as students of SCMHRD experienced facets of rural marketing when they visited the Lavale village recently. The two hours seemed to fly by with students, in teams, engaged in completing team based tasks assigned to them at the village.

While one team spoke to villagers regarding their mobile service usage patterns; another set of students conducted dyad interviews to explore farming practices among the villagers. Yet another team collected information on demographics of the villagers as they fit their profiles into the New Consumer Classification Scheme (NCCS)- a new Socio-economic classification used by Marketers. The verdict of the students: Lavale is a prosperous village, a finding that matches trends of increasing purchasing power in the hinterland, with rising incomes, fueling demand for consumer durables, as that of other products and services.  Video-ethnography allowed students to capture the typical village lifestyle, as students also noted the implications of the lifestyle on marketing of products and services in this market.

Overall, as a faculty, I am pleased with the learning intervention seeing the high level of student enthusiasm and engagement. As experiential learning becomes a regular part of SCMHRD, student learning is set to scale higher levels.