Toons to Thrones: An insight into Time Warner

img_9810_copy1The world of visual media is a very alluring one. Right from the nostalgic cartoons that we were hooked on to as children, to the comics that grew on us as teens and finally, the engrossing TV series that we continue to enjoy as adults. The seminal address on the different facets of Time Warner, by Mr. Anand Singh, Director, South Asia, Turner International, on 8th October, was a roller coaster ride along the curves and dips of the memory lane that we associate with entertainment.

As the largest entertainment enterprise in the world, Time Warner has a plethora of well known franchises under its belt. From timeless classics such as Tom and Jerry, to ’90s favourites such as Powerpuff girls and modern giants, including the likes of The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones, the address covered every aspect of the industry. Special focus was laid on licencing, including promotional and product licencing, wherein different ways to market a particular commodity among a specified target group through various out-of- the-box strategies were discussed.

The session also included a trivia round, with Mr. Singh shooting questions at the audience about their favourite franchises, much to the elation of everybody present. Needless to say that the session was a very engaging and entertaining one, the topic being something that is universally loved. It, truly, was a laudable arrangement by the Marketing Club of the college, and left the batch looking forward to more such seminars in the near future.

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