“There’s No Shortcut To Success” Says Vamsi Arni

On a rainy evening at SCMHRD, Vamsi Arni was taking a stroll, when he laid his eyes over an anxious bunch of finance students in the juice corner, having a heated discussion on the repercussions of India falling out of the top 10 global destinations for FDI. This scene sent him down on a memory lane back to his days one year ago when he was in their shoes.

Vamsi is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from Hyderabad with three years of work experience in one of the world’s leading Multinational Corporation – Cognizant. His role of a software developer required understanding of financial concepts to go with coding as he was working on projects in the BFS domain. Hailing from, indubitably, an extraneous educational background, it may seem very idiosyncratic of Vamsi to have a penchant for an MBA in Finance. However, his interest in economics, growth prospects after MBA and more importantly his time at Cognizant drove him towards finance.

Vamsi interned at CRISIL (Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited) in automobile sector in Mumbai. CRISIL is a global analytical company that provides ratings, research, and risk and policy advisory services. He was attracted to the ambitious expansion plan of CRISIL which matched his motive of taking up an MBA. He had also done his bit of prior research regarding the job roles being offered by the company. The fact that CRISIL is a Standard & Poor’s company upped its image even further in Vamsi’s eyes.

He joined the company with expectations to improve and upgrade his skillsets, especially in core finance. Quite contrary to his expectations though, he landed himself in the role of industry research. Vamsi’s assignment or task was to analyze each automobile segment and predict when each of them would migrate to electric vehicles. His knowledge from his engineering came in handy while dealing with the concept of electric vehicles. His typical day at work would start with a meeting with his mentor reporting about progress made in the previous day or week. Further, he would continue his research on what policies other countries worldwide have implemented to welcome the transition to electric vehicles and check if they are feasible to be put into effect in India. This also involved gaining insights from automobile dealers to know the status of electric vehicles in the market as well as the consumer perspective. Owing to the vast geographic spread of Mumbai, Vamsi couldn’t approach or visit few clients in person. Howbeit, that did not restrict him to reach out; he wriggled his way out and took to telephonic conversations instead. It allowed him to gain immense confidence and made him what he is today – a sanguine ambivert.

Vamsi very strongly believed in Norman Vincent Peale’s quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” This belief along with his determination, perseverance, analytical and critical thinking not only got him through his internship with flying colors but also helped him crack a pre-placement job offer with CRISIL. The icing on the cake was the fact that his project also got nominated and then selected for “The Best Project Award”.

As he drifted back to embrace the present, he slowly walked towards the students with a warm welcoming smile.


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