The Rivet Of a VUCA World – FINTALK 2016



Strategy and alliance are the stipulations of any head on approach. The flight can range from a business to a war altogether but the juxtapose of these domains never wane. Today in this big bad world where the small guy is vying for his mere existence,VUCA that sheaths the mesh of Volatility,Uncertainty,Complexity and Ambiguity holds rim. Hence,VUCA was the nucleus of the discussion engraved in the panel who have been literally living their business models with an eye of the tiger enmeshed with the craft for money.


The panel was graced by the dignitaries namely:Dnyanenshwar Bodke(founder,Abhinav Farms club, Rajendra Joshipara(CFO of Nirma Ltd), Kedar Sabne(Finance controller of Cybage software), Abhishek Barari(CEO of My Cute Office) and it was moderated by the mellifluously striking chords of Ms Farah Bookwala Vhora(senior correspondent,CNBC-TV18). The discussion had various dimensions to it and it all started with the awe inspiring story of Dnyanenshwar Bodke where he canopied his life in his striking voice. The audience was fleming with happiness while he addressed and one could not help but simply smile with his simplicity and true being. There he was on a stage with all these money spinners and yet he never lost the ring of his experience, straining every inch of words. Then we had Abhsihek Barari who recounted various tumults he lived with his precious company. Mr Rajendra Joshipara was The Voice of the discussion. He talked about the substantiality of Flipkart and whether the crediting of these online retails hold any water. He etched every line of thought relevant to the discussion and every word that he sketched breathed experience.


Then we had Kedar Sabne who dived into the intricacies of the financials that makes or breaks an entrepreneur and the changing policies of the government that might enrich an entrepreneur especially the recent development in the unorganised sector. Also, Ms Farah drove the discussion and always kept it in line the thought that swiped the panel and made an impact. She shafted the entire discussion like an artist and her voice was the guiding star amidst the striving ideas of striking personalities.


It was an insightful experience and an enthralling one where the discussion branched to cater the needs of audience and the insights and intellect was well rafted for précis. The talk was structured as a compendium of finance but it was nothing short of insurgence.

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