The Man who made his own Luck

Sagar Sachdeva, a Delhite by birth, an engineer by profession and a writer at heart, joined SCMHRD in 2017 as a fresher. After carefully analyzing his mindset and the rigor he wanted, Sagar chose to pursue a career in marketing. A year later, he most certainly has no regrets about his decision.

Life at SCMHRD:

He vividly remembers the initial months where there was this ruckus about summer placements. For him, it turned out to be extremely fruitful. The tight schedule helped him learn how to streamline his activities and manage his time effectively rather than simply wasting it away.

He learned a great deal from his mentor, his seniors and his committee, E-CON. All of them aided him in breaking his uneasiness, sustaining relevant communications and developing his initiative taking abilities. He considers himself really lucky and grateful to have had such a strong support system.

Godrej Internship:

Fortunately, or unfortunately, he was placed in Lucknow. Alone. No buddy. No mentor. There was no office and all his work were to be done from the hotel itself. He had two options: Either rest away and enjoy his two months or take an initiative to actually do something. Unlike many of us, he chose the latter.

He was given the responsibility of figuring out how to increase rural last mile reach of Godrej consumer products in North India. Since he didn’t have a buddy or a mentor monitoring him 24×7, he got the opportunity to explore and actually try out new things. This was the fun bit as it gave him enough room to decode and decide what he really needed and wanted to do.

His daily job was to go out and interact with people, evaluate different options available to reduce the company’s cost to service and to reach out to several villages. If need be, he had to stay there for 12 to 14 hours straight. He dealt with storms, mosquitoes, poor sleeping conditions and what not. Being the only person from Godrej in Lucknow, he had negligible social life for almost entire 2 months. It takes some serious dedication to go through such hardship, especially when you don’t have anyone monitoring you!

“Looking back, I feel that this is what SCMHRD taught me. To take initiatives. If I had sat back and rested off my internship period, I never would have learned about the situations the rural India deals with. I also got a chance to interact with and learn from a diverse group of people, right from ground level workers to senior level managers. Sure, I had no social life for 2 months but I’m free for the next 1 year, right? Everything paved off!”

Advice to Juniors:

“Accept the aspect of expecting the exceptions.”

“If you think your work is going to be linear, you’re wrong. There will be fluctuations. There will be exceptions. Accept that your work will not be a linear trajectory but more of a wave. Accept this and you’ll be slightly better prepared for the highly dynamic business world.”

“Also, on a more personal level, don’t be a pushover. Don’t be carried away by the company you keep. Your identity must be kept above the people you hang out with.”


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