The LOUD Dreamers

Tete-a-tete with Kanika Arora – The Gurukuler from SCMHRD

Amidst the hullabaloo of going “LOUD”, Media and PR Cell brings to you an experienced contestant to help ease your anxiety. Kanika Arora was one among the three special invitees who got a chance to make it to the next level. She also converted the interview and bagged an internship at Godrej Gurukul. Bachelors at Shri Ram College of Commerce, internship at Reckitt Benckiser, and a work stint at Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore, Kanika had a career that many others dream of having.
Media & PR Cell: What was your LOUD dream?
Kanika Arora: Godrej LOUD helped me realize that one’s dream is one’s own and need not sound fancy to the rest of the world. Since childhood I had an inclination towards cooking. I always used to lend a helping hand to my mother in cooking. But it wasn’t until I shifted to Bangalore that I had to cook 3 meals of the day. Sooner, I realized that I love cooking and in moments of despair, cooking gave me solace.
Media & PR Cell: What do you think, sets LOUD apart from other corporate competitions?
Kanika Arora: Godrej LOUD is definitely a mile ahead of other competitions. The competition is more aligned towards the self. It connects with your heart and drives you nearer to your penchant. This is regardless of whether you sail through the competition or not. All the contestants dive deep inside themselves to find what drives them through difficult times.
Media & PR Cell: What would you advise to the participants contesting this year in LOUD?
Kanika Arora: It is important that you should showcase the judges what you are really passionate about. Fabricating a false sketch would eventually lead to rejection. One cannot complete the jigsaw unless you have all the missing pieces. I would suggest all participants to introspect and then place the best dish on the platter.

The Celestial Dance

The word DREAM is often associated with aiming for the skies, and what if you were given an opportunity to announce it and a bagful of gold to pursue it? That’s where Godrej Loud steps in. It’s a platform where you get to prepare a road map for your dream and witness it coming to life.
Priyanka Jayakumar is passionate about Bharatanatyam. Having trained in Bharatanatyam for 15 years, she wanted to go beyond just accolades and awards in the field, and dreamt of representing it in a unique fashion. Los Angeles, also called La-La Land, just happened to have the perfect offering for her in the form of Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors. Being a pro at Bharatanatyam, Priyanka had this dream of performing “Navarasa”, also called nine emotions in there amidst a hall of mirrors within a span of 2 minutes. As her grandparents didn’t get to see her dance, she thought this was the perfect way to connect with them in an ethereal plane. Godrej Loud offered her the podium to structure and seek the same and she ended up becoming a special invitee for the event and also got to appear for a Pre Placement Interview.
Having gained such a huge learning experience, Priyanka is all praises for Godrej’s initiative in actually taking an interest in people’s dreams and associating with as well as sponsoring them to help them realise it. Undeniably, it is a good pipeline to create managers and to push dreamers to dream big and LOUD.

The Icy Expedition

Naitik Gandhi, from the Marketing batch of 2017-19 at SCMHRD, is a jovial person with a dream of his own like any other person. Hailing from Gujarat, Naitik was fond of ice-skating and trekking ever since he was young. Little did he know that this interest of his would lead him to the red carpet of Godrej LOUD 2017 finale as a special invitee.
He was sure that he wanted to fulfill a dream that he had been trying to pursue for the past three years. In his video submission to Godrej Loud, he began by telling his story about the previously failed attempts and as to how determined he was to achieve it the next time. So, what was this dream of his? From his childhood, he had always dreamt of walking on ice and he wanted to visit Chadar Trek, Ladakh. He wanted to walk on the frozen lake there. Due to various factors such as uncooperative weather or bad roads he was unable to make it in his previous attempts. This time though, he was strong with experience from past failed attempts and by learning from his mistakes he was determined to get there to accomplish his goal.
Godrej Loud is very different from other corporate competitions because it is about one as an individual, his/her personalities, and passion. Being a special invitee last year, Naitik had a breath-taking experience. He spent two days there where he met top-notch people from Godrej and had a glimpse of how they go about their day-to-day work by spending time with them. He visited their office and interacted with many people which gave him an insight on how a corporate world would be like before his summer placements.
His advice for anyone participating in Godrej Loud is to just go for it and while one does, expression is of paramount importance. If one’s dream is genuine, the rest will fall into place automatically. It is essential to give it the best shot as Godrej is a company that encourages employees to follow their passion along with work and that is something not all companies support.


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