‘Let your dreams get absorbed in your blood. Shed sweat and blood, work hard. Your dreams are bound to get fulfilled.’ These words have been reverberated innumerable times in our ear drums since our first day of school. But sometimes it happens that our dreams are literally submerged in the concept of red blood corpuscles and our goals are integrated with humanity. Nimish Jain, the boy-next door and a marketing student of SCMHRD, correlates his dreams with humanity. After bagging the winning title of GODREJ LOUD, Nimish shares his dreams and unfolds an untold story of his life.

His dream is to create a PAN-India network for blood-banks. He has always been a regular blood donor and has been organizing blood donation camps for a long period of time. Additionally, he even used the technicality of social media to obtain demographics of people to optimize blood supply. He came up with an innovative idea to use social media to look out for details of blood donors with a certain blood group to use in-case of emergencies. The story is not as simple as it seems. Life had been cruel to him before and may be that’s why the urge has been even stronger. A tragic event in 2012 and the loss his beloved friend had taught him the importance of blood donation. From then, he never turned back. He plans to extend the wings of his dreams to four most accident prone cities – Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. Additionally, he has plans of collaborating with NGOs and blood-banks to widen his work and manage it.

Now lets talk about his Godrej Loud journey. After being announced as the finalist of Godrej Loud, his zeal grew stronger. He reached the Godrej One campus and the storm inside was calmed down. It was not a battleground anymore. Competitors became friends and new bonds were formed. He met with mentors and found a new family there. The cherry on the cake was a sweet message from the participants’ close ones and family members. All the emotions came whirling down in his stomach when he got the message. As the presentation began, the butterflies in him stopped fluttering their wings, he knew he would win and his prediction did not fail him. His name was finally announced and the long lost face of his friend flashed in front of his eyes. He knew he did it and he knew he will do it again. This is how Godrej Loud opened its door for Nimish to fulfill his dreams and serve humanity.

“Zeal is a volcano on the peak of which the grass of indecisiveness doesn’t grow”. These fiery words by Khalil Gibran only cater to one important message – wake up and burn the fire in you, a fire so strong that it burns the negativity and the toxicity around you. The passion supersedes every rebuke towards you. Such is the story of Godrej Loud Winner Lovekesh Sharma. This world has its hues, it’s the person himself who evaluates his choices. The desire to break extremities and stand out with the hue of his passion is the one chosen by Lovekesh. The branches of his dream had been spread quite a long time ago and the roots grew stronger with each passing day. Trekking is his life and to put his foot forward again and again into this road inculcates in his dream.

After being declared as Godrej Loud winner, Lovekesh comes back to the campus and shares his dream with us. Our Delhi boy has always been fascinated with trekking and exploring places. A little matchstick awaited to ignite the flame. In his 11th standard, he took up his first trekking challenge. Despite the toxicity around, he proved his worth and completed his first challenge successfully. He finds his mother to be his biggest inspiration, the positive halo who fills his life with prosperity. After a couple of years his MBA journey began and the fire was once again made stronger and brighter when Godrej Loud arrived. It was now high time to put the pieces of puzzle together and buckle up. “Wake up Lovekesh!”, the dreamer in him shouted again and he decided to wander in the right direction. Lovekesh’s dream is to trek to the Annapurna base camp, record and share his journey on YouTube. This extremely zealous boy had already showcased his earnest efforts while trekking to Kheerganga, Triund, Lahesh and eight other places. The level of difficulty increased with each new trek. His 12th trek fortunately found its place in the Godrej Loud list.

The competition day was quite blissful for him. New friendships, mentors and new experiences, it seemed like a place where old friends had reunited. He kept his spirits high, his mind focused and his glistening eyes on his dream to reach the zenith. His name resonated in the auditorium as he was declared the winner and the adrenaline rush was pacified. After seven long years, SCMHRD wears the Godrej Loud crown once again. For our future loud dreamers, he just advises them to be true to themselves and keep pulsating their heartbeats with their dreams because dreams never die, they are just resurrected with the waves of time.