The Happiness Project: Bringing Mental Health to the forefront

In the month of August, Samatva – the Institute Social Responsibility Cell of SCMHRD resumed its initiative – ‘The Happiness Project’. The Happiness Project (THP) aims to bring the often-ignored topic of Mental Health to the forefront and to spread awareness and its importance amongst the student community. Under THP, Samatva provides an anonymous platform for students to share their unabridged stories of resilience and their fight against mental illnesses in a hope that it starts a conversation and inspires others who might be struggling. 

Life is beautiful, and every sunrise we wake up to is a reminder that every day is a new chance, a precious chance to live, to the fullest, once again. On 10th September, Samatva ran a campaign, #LendAHand on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day. Samatva released an animated video of the poem ‘Hatasha se ek vyakti baith gaya tha’ to create awareness about mental health and to encourage students to lend a hand to someone who might need it. Under this campaign, Samatva asked the student community to express their gratitude to anything or anyone who has been their support system during the tough times.

On 10th October, Samatva celebrated ‘World Mental Health Day’ with a week-long campaign, #FromHurtingToHealing. This campaign was aimed at driving the idea of acknowledging one’s own struggles and embracing them to complete the process of healing and becoming a better version of one’s own self.

The current times are tough for all of us but more so for the little ones, who do not know how to understand and explain the complex emotions that they might be experiencing. As part of the ‘World Mental Health Day’ initiative, and with INSPIRIT going online, Samatva made an attempt to apply the concept of SEL – Social Emotional Learning; to help the children manage their emotions, relationships and maintain a positive outlook. Being truly amazed by their creativity, strength and positivity, Samatva took to its social media platforms to share a glimpse of the session with the student community. Additionally, SEL will be part of their ongoing curriculum to ensure they thrive in their schools to build healthy and cohesive communities.

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