The Godrej Odyssey – Vishal Joshi

Hailing from the city of Haldwani in Uttarakhand, Vishal Joshi, a passionate tabla-player, a tea junkie and a lover of bike riding, is now a proud holder of a PPO by Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

While pursuing Civil engineering from NIT Kurukshetra, Vishal had developed a keen interest in the field of marketing. After graduating, he worked for 6 months in Nippon Koei post which he switched to a Brand Campaign Manager role for InMobi Technology for the entire EMEA(Europe, Middle-East & Africa)  region. This particular stint for almost a year gave him a real-world taste of marketing and sales and further reinforced his decision to go for an MBA in Marketing from SCMHRD.

The Godrej journey started for Vishal from the month of January itself and it was a plethora of unique experiences. Different teams were formed from amongst the interns, a lot of reading material handed out to them which they had to study, interpret and also take part in a lot of activities that required out of the box thinking. These activities which also included the Crescendo Case Competition enhanced their learning as well as created a lot of engagement, bonding and cohesion among the interns.

The first day at Godrej Gurukul Programme in Mumbai started with their introduction to senior management, followed by a fun game, called, ‘Amazing Race’ which demanded physical strength as well as the ability to think on one’s feet. In the evening, the interns had a roof-top party where they were introduced to their respective guides for next two months. Each one of them was also assigned a buddy whom they could refer to for any kind of immediate help.

Vishal’s project was primarily about sales & development, where he had to develop and execute a plan which could maximize the value that could be extracted and increase the efficiency of the tele-calling project of Godrej. The initial phase was quite challenging as he had to go for a lot of field visits just to understand the objective of the task at hand. He went to the Delhi and the Kolkata branch of Godrej as well to enhance his understanding of the project. Adopting a reverse engineering technique, he performed a need-gap analysis on all three sectors – Tele-calling, Market and Distributor, prepared questionnaires, carried out trend analysis etc and finally prepared four pilates that were to be implemented as a solution to the underlying problem.

Post this, Vishal implemented those pilates and managed their execution. He also prepared a financial model which showed the extrapolation of his recommendations pan India, which was feasible to implement with minimal business impact. In addition, he prepared a module for salespersons of Godrej and imparted training to them. Finally, at the end of two months, came the final review where he presented his recommendations in front of the top management at Godrej.

His key takeaway from the whole internship experience was the functional knowledge about FMCG sales-distribution channel that he got by solving a live business problem. It ramped up his collaboration and networking skills to a whole new level and in the process, also made friends with students from other premier B-schools of India.

What impressed him about Godrej was their work culture, where they give you complete ownership and accountability of the work that you do. The freedom with which their employees work encourages learning. Eventually, they promote cross-functional learning and expect results, but at the same time, are also ready to help each other out in every situation.

Finally, his advice to Godrej aspirants is to be thorough with the basic concepts of marketing, be aware of all the happenings in different sectors, hone your communication skills and improve your domain knowledge as much as possible.

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