The Certainty of Uncertainty By Shweta Mhatre

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It’s been 3.5 months and I still haven’t figured out this place. We are so cut off from the rest of the world that ISIS could’ve probably invaded India and I would only notice if they reached Hinjawadi. The world is fixating over the Yuan devaluation but nothing and I mean NOTHING takes precedence over a batch meeting. Everything we do is dictated by the most recent e-mail in our inbox. From corporate competitions to people spamming about the most inane things, our phones are always pinging. You could be heading out for a nice dinner after a long gruelling day but one single mail can bring you running back to campus. Making pre-emptive plans is a waste of time. There will always be that one friend who will back out because of a committee meeting or some pending project work. Also does anyone even have a count of the number of assignments we’ve submitted?

Friendships and relationships here change as often as our revised time tables. People are always talking about whom they saw with whom. When something worth discussing happens, each mess table knows a different version of what actually happened. Everyone talks about that thing that happened that day at that place. The story always changes.

That being said, some things here are very predictable (yes I am going to use bullet points):

  • 60% of the class is asleep in the first 2 lectures every Monday and the other 40% are the brave hearts that help us pass in the exams.
  • The post lunch lectures are just pointless because everyone sleeps through them.
  • CRs have the final word and no one dares to disrespect them. We love you guys!
  • What happens at Laxmi, Lemon tree, Tamanna or Eternia never stays there. EVERYONE finds out.
  • Bala Bhaiya is our saviour
  • Delhi v/s Mumbai anyone?
  • Even better, what does HR even do?

We’ve all come from different parts of the country and we all pronounce things differently, but we are all united in our desperate attempt to stay afloat here. Slowly but surely we are getting rewired the SCMHRD way.

Most things in life are uncertain and you should take each day as it comes. This adage could probably be SCMHRD’s motto except that we already have a very cool war cry.

Shweta Mhatre
MBA 2015-17

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