The Arcesium Expedition – Akanksha Mittal

11 am-12 pm – Getting ready for office

12 pm-11 pm – Work

11 pm-12 am – Freshen up

12 am-5 am – Study

5 am-11 am – Sleep

An unforgiving schedule that most would find difficult to adhere to beyond a couple of days, but such was the tenacity and will-power of Akanksha Mittal that she stuck to the relentless routine for the entire two months during her internship at Arcesium,  and the outcome is there for all to see. She is now not just a proud PPO holder of Arcesium, but has also cracked CFA Level 1 in the process.

Hailing from the city of Delhi, Akanksha, who has a penchant for dancing, is a computer science graduate, and after her two-year stint at Infosys as a System Engineer she joined SCMHRD where she is currently pursuing her MBA in Finance.

The start of her journey with Arcesium was quite challenging. Akanksha faced a hardcore technical interview during campus selection rounds, but the end result was in her favour. She converted the interview, and then was all set to make most of this invaluable opportunity of interning at Arcesium.

Akanksha was posted in the Middle Office Dept. at Arcesium, Hyderabad. What really impressed her about the company was the way it embraced the interns with open arms from the first day itself and made them feel comfortable to the new environment. Be it the check-in of the company-provided accommodation or the office reception, she was given a warm welcome by her teammates and colleagues with a myriad of goodies and gifts. Such a positive gesture from the organization assured her of a memorable experience that she was going to have at the end of two months.

At work, Akanksha’s primary responsibility was to keep a check on the limit of the no. of contracts (future, auction etc.) held by the parent company D E Shaw, so that it doesn’t exceed the specified limit. Her usual day at work involved analysing all the circulars published by the exchanges; figure out the ones related to position limits; and then check whether those are on the contracts held by D E Shaw. In case of a change in position limits, she had to update the same so that traders are intimated and so, they could trade accordingly. Akanksha quickly got hold of the assigned job, but to satisfy her voracity for knowledge, she also learnt some on the job activities like DART handling and margin updates.

Talking about Arcesium’s work culture, Akanksha was overawed by it. The office had more of a casual atmosphere with no compulsion of formal wears; and where, in addition to her mentor, she had the liberty to approach any of the team members for proper guidance and help. Also, the lunch used to be quite lavish and eatables were available 24 by 7 in the office. She also utilised various recreation facilities at hand and honed her skills at pool.

The terminal phase of Akanksha’s internship was quite taxing as she had to juggle between and manage both – her CFA exam as well as final review simultaneously. But all the tough grind she underwent and sincere efforts she put in didn’t go in vain as she excelled in both of them and came out with flying colours.

To conclude, her advice to the future Arcesium interns is to have a crystal clear and complete understanding of the basic theories and concepts involved in their field of specialization. Also, one should incessantly seek for opportunities to learn, as they are plenty, but at the same time, enjoy the enriching experience as it is one of a kind that is to be cherished life-long.

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