Colloquium 2018 Coming Soon

The Analytics Club of SCMHRD, Pune is organizing Colloquium 2018, a panel discussion, on 7 th  October, 2018 to bring together the leading thinkers and innovators in the field of Big Data and Analytics. The event presents a unique platform for leading executives to share the stage and address a select group of audience about the lessons they have learned in bringing their firms into the world of Big Data and Analytics.

The event, divided into two discussions, will see industry professionals from various Fortune 500 companies across different sectors like Insurance, Retail, IT Services, Infrastructure & Manufacturing, Credit Finance and Consulting. Many of the speakers have seen the dramatic, data-centric corporate transformations currently revolutionizing the industries. Keeping in line with the current trends, the topics will range from domains like big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data privacy, security and internet of things. The audience for the discussion will comprise of both the full time MBA Business Analytics students and industry professionals, both of whom can potentially leverage the platform to better understand and bridge the gap between their skill-sets and the industry.

The full time MBA Business Analytics program at SCMHRD, comprising of professionals with a minimum 2 year work experience has now entered into its 2 nd year. The event aims to provide a platform for the batch of Business Analytics at SCMHRD to interact with business leaders and gain important insights about industry practices and current trends, which complements the course curriculum including subjects like Marketing Analytics, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Big data.

Ms. Gunjan Gupta