Tête-à-tête with Bala

With a hobby of running marathons, passion for playing violin, quizzing and core interest directed towards problem solving, Bala is undeniably a versatile person. This remarkably humble individual from Chennai belongs to the first batch of the 2-year MBA in Business Analytics at SCMHRD before which he served in TCS, Chennai for 5 years as an IT Analyst.

Selected by Maersk GSC, one of the largest container shipping companies, Bala was among the first few candidates from the BA batch who was picked by the company. His preparation included covering the basics of statistics, having good general knowledge, and, being up-to-date with current affairs. The selection process started with an online aptitude round, followed by a psychometric test. Passing these two rounds, he got short-listed for the group discussion from where he made it to the interview which was largely based on his work experience and a few questions on statistics.

Following a grand induction to the internship, his entry into Maersk internship program involved plenty of information on the company’s operations and the role of Maersk GSC. Later he was assigned to the Business Finance team, met his colleagues, mentor and other leaders. At Maersk, he wasn’t given a problem statement in hand. He had to frame a problem statement, work with the team to find out the areas with problems or challenges for the Business Finance team and frame the internship objective. With his mentor’s unstinted support and guidance, Bala found his project in one of the operations cost areas in transshipment cost and empty container cost.

Every week, they had a leadership session where one of the GMs from each of the departments within Maersk would give an overview to the management interns which provided a lot of clarity regarding the operations at Maersk. It also aided him in understanding the nuances of his project better with possibilities of cross-functional association. Interning at Maersk, he learnt how to solve business problems with critical reasoning and to work independently. Weekly project reviews for 12 continuous weeks encompassed critical feedback and course corrections which was a great learning experience. He understood that number of hours at work didn’t matter, what mattered most was the passion, effort and hard work put into it. It was indeed a fruitful endeavor, for he was offered a PPO.

Analytics is going to play a major role in transforming every field. Irrespective of the specialization, he urges the junior batch to have an analytical perspective to any situation in hand. Data is the next big thing and analytics is already transforming various sectors so it is vital to be aware of the happenings around analytics. It is important to be clear in the fundamentals of statistics and basic business concepts. From the summer internship preparation point of view, one needs to be able to analyze a company’s business challenges and problems and look into it from an analytical perspective.

With a promising note that the scope for analytics is currently very high, he wishes his juniors all the very best for their future career and stay at SCMHRD.

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