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The sound of children’s laughter fills the halls at SCMHRD every evening as kids from nearby areas come in for their evening tuitions. A refreshing break from solving complicated case studies and a tremendous help to these intelligent young minds, SAMATVA, the Institute Social Responsibility Cell of the college, is run entirely by the students here and strives to impart quality education to children from poor sections of the society. The focus is on giving them guidance and inculcating moral values with special attention towards developing their overall personality. Founded in 2008 (as Prayatna), SAMATVA has grown from a committee catering to the needs of 8 students to now catering to over 50 students, 6 days a week. We also work on creating awareness amongst parents with respect to their children’s education and hygiene and making them a responsible stakeholder in their child’s development.

As a team, we believe in equal consideration for one and all and want to be the bellwether of change in society. We wish to contribute to the creation of a future where opportunities and dreams of children are not obstructed by their financial status. We feel that Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Our Evening Tutorial Program is customised to suit every child’s need, catering to his/her specific problem areas. Our methodology involves conducting in-depth interviews with the students to understand the gaps in their education as well as their dreams and aspirations. Having identified the starting point where our intervention is required, we prepare a teaching plan for each child. Our work can range from teaching the English alphabet to advanced concepts of maths and science to students. Detailed records of attendance, topics covered, evaluations taken and progress in different subjects is duly maintained by the team. The volunteers who teach these students comprise of the senior and junior students of the full time graduate MBA program of SCMHRD. Students come from Marathi, semi-marathi and English medium schools and the large number of volunteers helps us maintain a student volunteer ratio of 5:1, ensuring all students get personalised attention. Saturdays are assigned for ‘learning-through-fun’ activities like showing educational videos, having sessions in drawing, art and music. The volunteer team strives to make learning an enjoyable experience for these kids more so since they come from challenging backgrounds while ensuring that they are able to make the child learn at his/her pace in an interactive manner. Several events are celebrated with the students throughout the year, including their academic successes. Be it Children’s Day, Christmas or just a fun filled origami class, our efforts are directed towards creating a holistic learning experience for these impressionable young minds. We strive to teach them the importance of not just academics but also cleanliness and hygiene, good manners, water conservation and saving and plantation of trees. The two hours that these kids spend on the campus of SCMHRD is the only time that they usually get to ‘live their age’ before they get back into an environment where more often than not- they become an extra pair of hands engaged in some income augmentation activity.


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