Summer School – Imperial College, London


So I was fortunate enough to get this opportunity to do a summer school in Strategic Marketing from the prestigious Imperial College Business School, London. It was an opportunity to get global exposure and learn marketing concepts from a globally recognized premier institute. 


The course was well designed and we had a chance to go through different modules in marketing like green marketing, digital marketing, consumer behaviour etc. In addition to that we had various case study discussions to help us understand the concepts better. The faculty was highly experienced and they had been working in various reputed companies for a considerable amount of time. The best thing about the course was that all the theoretical concepts were coupled with practical exposure. We had a retail tour organized wherein we visited the various retail stores like L’Occitane, Anthropologie, Liberty, Tom’s, Huntsman etc in London and learnt about the various marketing strategies adopted by them to attract the customers. For instance, the Anthropologie store was the only store to have a visual merchandising team that was responsible for changing the look of the glass windows in the store as they believed that an attractive look would bring in more customers. It was great to actually visit the stores and see for yourself how the marketing strategies were being implemented in the real world. We also visited the Wimbledon club that is known for conducting the Wimbledon championship and sees tremendous footfall during the two weeks that the championship matches are in full swing. It was an opportunity to know the marketing strategies applied in conducting such a world-famous event at a global scale. We were shown two different videos of the campaigns conducted last year and were told about the significance of the two campaigns. We also got to know about the sources of revenue for the Wimbledon championship. 


The summer school was not all work and no play! The college ensured that we had time to explore the city of London and organized various social events like the trip to the Oxford city, a visit to the Harry Potter studio to name a few. This gave us all an ample amount of time to have fun and interact with each other. The diversity at the institute was immense and there were people from Italy, the US, the UK, Austria, Belgium, China, Singapore to name a few. Peer learning is an important aspect of a summer school and we all had to work in groups for certain in-class activities and that helped us in learning a lot from each other. 

Overall, I can conclude by saying that my summer time could not have been spent in a better manner and it was a privilege to have been given an opportunity to study at Imperial College for the summer school program.

Sukriti Jaswal


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