The world as it was known went through some very defining changes in the past couple of years. The onset of COVID and subsequent lockdowns paved the way for a “New Normal.” Global supply chains and economic models took a hit, forcing entrepreneurs and consultants to re-evaluate their best laid-out plans. As the world tries to catch up on the lost time, the need of the hour points towards leaders with strong sense of innovation and problem-solving skills. The times call for the flame of entrepreneurship and consulting to be rekindled. And it is precisely with that goal that the Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell at SCMHRD organized Stratomania 6.0 this year.

Spanning over three days, the event aimed to bring together the best minds in entrepreneurship and consulting to empower theleader of tomorrow. To drive specific focus, the 4th of March was known as the “Entrepreneurship Day” and the 5th of March as the “Consulting Day”. Both

days were packed with invigorating leadership talks from the most prominent start-up founders in the country and consultants from the best firms, allowing students to pick their brains. A consulting Masterclass was also organized on both days by Henry Harvin Education to bring the students up to speed with the latest developments in consulting.

Mr. Anish Basu Roy, the founder of Tagz Foods and a proud SCMHRD alumnus, kicked off the Entrepreneurship Day. It was followed by a session with Mr. Abhijeet Bhandari from Ecosystem Ventures, the title sponsor of Stratomania 6.0, who spoke about coping with start-up failures. The second part of the day witnessed a very engaging panel discussion on the importance of innovation in start-ups, with founders from revolutionary start-ups like ISAK Fragrances, The Faad Network, Trignex, and Organic Wellness.

The Consulting Day on 5th March kicked off with a session by Mr. Shamit Mukherjee, Partner at KPMG and an alumnus of SCMHRD, followed by Mr. Sandeep Kochar from Blewminds Consulting. Both leaders gave the students a sneak peek into their lives as consultants and talked about what their days looked like. During the second part of the day, the discussion was blessed with a star-studded panel, with leaders coming in from Accenture Strategy, EY, Infosys Consulting, Grant Thornton, and The Bridgespan Group.

Several competitions were also organized to go hand-in-hand with the lecture sessions. The flagship case study event – CaseStrat, was organized in collaboration with EY this year. To allow students to experience and learn from corporate culture, a boardroom simulation event – Golden Strat, was introduced this year in collaboration with Blewminds Consulting. The flagship start-up pitch competition – Golden Pitch, was conducted in association with Meteor Ventures with distinct student and start-up track bifurcations to give a fair playing ground to the participants. Another new addition was Wild Fyre – a fantasy start-up competition. The competitions were hosted on D2C and attracted over 3000 registrations overall, coming in from the top 20 B-Schools of the country.

Six years ago, Stratomania was instituted to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship and consulting in the student community. With over 3 lakh impressions across all platforms, Stratomania 6.0 has struck all the right chords. As the curtains fall on this year’s successful edition of Stratomania, SCMHRDians look forward to the approaching season with the hope that it raises the bar even higher!

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