Straight from the CHRO’s mouth

             A B-School experience is not just about learning about the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, the Porter’s five forces model and taking part in myriad case study competitions. Often, how things actually work out in the corporate world is quite different from the theoretical perspectives presented in a classroom, if not in stark contrast to them. What can be better than a CXO of a Top Pharmaceutical company coming down to interact with the students, to break some of their myths or maybe reinforce a belief or two. Today was one such day when Mr. Yashwant Mahadik, Executive Vice President & Global CHRO, Sun Pharma came down to SCMHRD and disseminated pearls of wisdom from his diverse experience across industries, geographies and sectors.

                Yash spoke at length on how often unlearning some of the old concepts becomes more necessary than learning new ones to survive in the industry. He stressed on the importance of attitude and professionalism and what it takes to be on top of the pyramid in the corporate world. He reminisced fondly about how booting a computer used to be a big deal at the start of his corporate journey in the late 80s to how close the world is now to embracing driverless cars and hyper loops. He said that keeping himself abreast of the changing times has been one of his keys to survival. He also took on quite a few interesting questions on this subject from the students on how technology can affect the job market, or how gamification can influence Learning and Development. According to him it is always more useful to look at the influx of technology to different domains of managements as opportunities for creation of more avenues rather than as potential threats to the existing jobs. Lastly he stressed on the importance of finding a true hobby/passion and pursue it religiously. His genuine love for photography was something that kept him going through all these years.

                What stood out in this leadership talk was that it was not a one-dimensional speech where speakers speak about just one company and their experiences in it. Yash bought his entire 29 years of experience across different companies into play while elucidating different views or while taking on questions. The students of SCMHRD are indebted to him for his perspectives on different nuances in a corporate journey starting off with an MBA degree and will definitely hold them in good stead in their own respective journeys.

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