SnapIT Season 9 || Dec’11

est-1989-2Apprehension and uncertainty is enfeebling for an Aptitude exam and future managers. The stronghold to make decisions is something that distinguishes the future managers from the facade of board room drollery. Hence, we the admissions team of SCMHRD every year take it upon us to conduct an interactive session “SNAPIT” in all the major cities for the MBA aspirants to address all the issues an aspirant reels through during the business end of their preparation eon.

We not only discuss the various intricacies of the SNAP exam, the recent changes in the exam pattern and ways to tackle them but also give the aspirants a general perspective to other exams as well. Not only that, we pool a team of people in every city in such a manner that every kind of student ranging from a fresher to a working professional to a creative with an eye for managerial outlook to an entrepreneur finding its catch get insights they can connect to. We also focus on the key aspects of the interview and group discussions where we share our personal experience and the feedback we have in general from the corporates.
Being a part of the SCMHRD family, we also seek to inform the aspirants about our values and traditions that they stand to imbibe once they become a part of SCMHRD and carry forward its glorious legacy.

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