Session on nurture, innovation and entrepreneurship by SCEI

While some entrepreneurs ‘are born’, most of them ‘are made.’ 

Prof. Yogesh Brahmankar, Head of Incubation & Entrepreneurship at SCEI, stressed upon the importance of nurturing innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset in these testing times. The session began with the students being introduced to basic terms like innovation, creativity and entrepreneurs; while it ended with a majority of them wanting to dig deeper into mastering the essential mindset, critical skills, and the vision towards leading and effecting change. It was interesting to know as to how knacks for innovation –  whether instinctive or refined, through practice empowers the world of startups.

Technology has, is and will always be a major source of entrepreneurial creativity. Striking the right chord with our target audience has always been about connecting with them at the right place, and at the right time. Having said that, a digital presence for entrepreneurs is a must-have. 

The talk was enlightening with respect to the concepts of a ‘New World’ and a ‘New India.’ India being the third largest ecosystem, with almost 50,000 startups operating currently, we were delighted to be taken through the idea of how the industry could be revolutionized post COVID-19. 

Experiential learning, early-stage innovation and experimentation were encouraged. We are fortunate enough to have an e-cell and incubation center at SCEI, that allows each one of us to play with ideas, build prototypes and validate them. Inception, incubation and acceleration were some of the fascinating concepts that the students are introduced to on a regular basis.

Another highlight was the importance of automation, collaboration and diversification. With the main focus on R&D, this trend is set to rise by enhancing growth and potential possibilities. The students were made well aware of platforms like the Startup India scheme, Udyog Aadhar and the business model canvas.

The Q&A session shed light on smarter entrepreneurial attitudes and perception of opportunities. Over the years, the startup ecosystem in India has grown stronger in terms of value chain. This is the cue for young minds to step out of the box, explore potentials, and offer products that are unique for consumers. 

This gripping talk by Prof. Yogesh ended with him answering all the queries whole-heartedly, and equipping students of the new batch with a good deal of fresh thoughts, ideas and plans in mind.

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