Session on Evolving Careers in the Field of Analytics by Shantanu Deo

SCMHRD was pleased to host Mr. Shantanu Deo, Vice President at Credit Suisse, as a part of the Induction ceremony for the batch of 2020-2022. The students of Business Analytics batch of SCMHRD got an opportunity to interact with and learn business perspectives of analytics and what the evolving careers in the field of Analytics are.

An alumnus of SCMHRD 2016 batch, Mr. Shantanu, has an overall experience of 17 years with organizations like L & T InfoTech, IBM, Persistent Systems, Cognizant Technology Solutions and a few more. He is currently working as a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Practitioner.

The session started off with him explaining the transformation from Industrial Revolution to Digital Revolution and the need of Analytics, to transform the business world. He also emphasised on the exponential growth of computational ability that has enabled us to access new opportunities. He also briefed on how Business Analytics uses Descriptive Analysis, Diagnostic Analysis, Predictive Analysis and Prescriptive Analysis to climb up the business value chain. 

Later, he differentiated between the terms Data Analytics and Data Science citing interesting examples. He explained the technical aspects about what Data Analytics and Data Science tries to achieve. He demystified the terms Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and when and where exactly we use them to increase the value of businesses. 

The next section was an interesting one in which Mr. Shantanu explained the scope and opportunities in the Business Analytics field. He briefed on how Marketing, Finance and HR use analytics effectively to overcome the existing issues. His insights about the various roles like Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Engineer and Machine Learning Engineer were enlightening.

The session came to an end with the Q & A session with him. He was able to clear all the doubts including the skills to learn in this field , programming languages we should know , importance of Cloud in Analytics and at the last he recommended us to practice few use cases on Kaggle , which allows users to find and publish data sets, explore and build models in a web-based data-science environment , to get the practical experience.

All in all, the students had a great learning experience and the institute facilitated bridging the gap between what is taught in the classroom by introducing them to the practical insights from the industry.

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