Session on Assurance of Learning by Dr. Vinita Sinha

Assurance of Learning, or AoL, is an outcome-based assessment process, developed and advocated by the AACSB. SCMHRD considers AoL in very high regard, because it plays a key role in defining personalities of students who are undergoing a holistic learning and development process. The extremely pertinent questions AoL seeks to answer revolve around what students learn, how they learn, and how they implement what they have learnt in real world scenarios. 

Dr. Vinita Sinha’s informative presentation made one thing extremely clear – it is of utmost importance for students to know what they are learning, and how they can use this knowledge or skills. We are immensely grateful to Dr. Sinha for letting us know, with remarkable elucidation, about the Program Learning Goals or PLGs. Stressing on the importance of leadership skills, synergy and teamwork, critical thinking, effective communication, ethical behaviour, social responsibility and of course domain knowledge and conceptual clarity, the session successfully established the significance of AoL in our common learning journey. 

There are grading systems in place that helps a student to identify where he/she stands as far as PLG 6 (i.e. domain knowledge and conceptual clarity) is concerned. The vital traits students are judged on are – clear understanding of concepts, ability to explain key concepts, awareness about latest technological developments in the domain, and understanding all technical processes, methods and theories involved. This helps boost one’s morale and self-confidence to a great extent.

SCMHRD’s session on Assurance of Learning demonstrates firmly the belief of this esteemed institute that knowledge does not stop at a pre-determined curriculum, and that learning activities and assessments both contribute towards achieving desired learning outcomes. Knowledge is imparted through various means, and it is our duty to ensure that we have a crystal-clear idea of what we learn, and how we can put our knowledge to the best use when necessary. We thank Dr. Vinita Sinha and the entire faculty of SCMHRD for believing in the students, and ensuring a rock-solid foundation with Assurance of Learning, which will make the students strive to be better versions of themselves tomorrow than they are today.

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