SCMHRD’s tryst with ‘Research Excellence’ in 2019-2020

An academic institution’s strength lies majorly in its values and in the effort of the ones who drive those values from abstraction to reality. Such is the story of SCMHRD as well. If pursuit of excellence in research is one of its core values; then it’s the effort and wisdom of the faculty members which helps SCMHRD in that direction. Driven by freedom of inquiry, curiosity, creative expressions in all spectrum of knowledge, SCMHRD has many a times proven its worth of salt when it comes to academic research. The CSR-GHRDC B-School Ranking, 2020 bears testimony to the same. Wherein, SCMHRD was ranked amongst the Top 5 B-Schools in the category of ‘Faculty, Publication, Research, Consultancy, MDP’

Adding greatness to glory, The Emerald Literati Awards, 2020 recognised the research efforts put in by SCMHRD faculty members by bestowing the prestigious ‘Highly Commended Research Paper’ Award to two such research papers. These research papers involved the efforts of four full-time faculty members of SCMHRD. The award was bestowed upon these two papers by the jury members basis their contribution to the body of knowledge, excellence in structure and presentation, rigour of argument and analysis, relevance and demonstration of up-to-date knowledge of the field by the researcher/s. 

The first one, co-authored by Dr Dipasha Sharma titled ‘The Relationship between Risk, Capital, and Efficiency in Indian Banking: Does Ownership Matter’ published in Journal of Financial Economic Policy (ABDC ‘B” ranked, SCOPUS citescore 1.1) was recognised as one of the most exceptional pieces of work of 2019. The article explores the interrelationship between risk, capital and efficiency of Indian banks across different ownership types using panel regression.

The second one, co-authored by Dr Manoj Hudnurkar, Prof Suhas Ambekar and Dr Sonali Bhattacharya titled ‘Empirical analysis of Six Sigma project capability deficiency and its impact on project success’ published in the TQM Journal (ABDC ‘B” ranked, SCOPUS citescore 4.3) was also the recipient of the prestigious award. The authors defined a new construct ‘ Six Sigma project capability deficiency’ and explored its antecedents and its impact on project success using Structural Equation Modelling.

Excellence is always ‘work in progress’. However, milestones like this serve as ‘Key Performance Indicator’; wherein, the faith of all concerned is re-affirmed in the said direction. SCMHRD too feels elated and proud at these milestones achieved by dint of the efforts and dedication of its faculty members. No words of praise can truly suffice the magnitude of these achievements. However, the focus still remains at the way ahead, albeit this wonderful and glorious pit-stop.

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