Dr. Netra Neelam: SCMHRD’s Successful completion of Internationalization @ Home

Independence gives us freedom which comes with a lot of responsibility
Interdependence shows us the significance of human relations and its magical ability
– Dr. Netra Neelam

2020, the year that just went by probably taught us the biggest lessons in life perhaps those at which we turned a blind eye and a deaf ear in the past. Lessons such as those of patience and self-awareness but most importantly that of adaptability. As we ushered into a new decade last year, the entire human race cherished and made merry to the tune of the year -2020, welcoming it with open arms looking up to new tidings of joy and success, little did we notice the massive avalanche heading right at us, taking the globe down all at once. 

Making way through the rounded lens of academics, learning and adaptability are viewed as the most important virtue to acquired, honed and mastered by any teacher or those in the field of imparting knowledge. However, the actual game or rather better said – challenge was the speed and agility with which this skill could be transferred to our set of meritorious students who aspire to be future leaders in the world of business and commerce tomorrow, such was the scale of burden that lay on our shoulders. However, keeping pace with the rapidly changing mode and module of teaching and learning we at SCMHRD, Pune left no stone unturned, we in swiftly yet smoothly transitioned into the online/ virtual mode of classes, a move which was welcomed by students in positive appreciation. 

However, our commitment to agile learning didn’t end there, we took the spirit of holistic learning a notch higher and initiated our first virtual, yet the most innovative foreign collaboration of all times with the prestigious Geneva based HES-SO Valais- Wallis University. Launched under the glorious title – Leading Multicultural Project Teams, the exercise primarily comprised understanding the different forces that come to play while members with different international identities come together just to display the extensive set of values, cultures and beliefs that go into the making of a culturally rich team. However, slotting our ourselves in such a mold came with its own set of complexities and challenges, most of it which were eased through the most commonly used ‘language’ in the world of psychometric intervention – Belbin. Rewind into time exactly a year ago, that was when students at SCMHRD, Pune were first introduced to Belbin, making our institute one of the first to conduct the intervention at such a massive scale comprising both students, faculty and staff. This time round, the tool was used to understand each of the 24 Indian students and about 70 of their foreign counterparts. The understanding garnered post the intervention was used to place each student in a team such that their team roles complement each other. 
The students once placed in groups were assigned an HBR case study that would have to be solved and eventually presented in the last session. Today, two weeks into the programme, we seem to have ticked the right boxes in terms of imparting enhanced learning opportunities, cultural interaction and integration amongst students, but the greatest achievement of them lies in the speed at which students have taken to foreign interaction not only with positivity but backed with the spirit of – ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ translating to – The world is one family, something that the Symbiosis International University truly holds dear to.

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