SCMHRD Zeal 3.0: The well-rounded competition!

SCMHRD has been honing world-class leaders since its inception 28 years ago. The institution believes in imparting an all-inclusive learning experience to its students. It also strives to prepare the prospective MBA students by conducting various events throughout the year. SCMHRD Zeal is one such event that was instituted two years ago with the aim of providing the aspirants a glimpse into the battle that awaits them during D-day and the life afterward. This year, SCMHRD Zeal kicked off its third edition on 3rd October with an overwhelming 1209 participants on Dare2Compete. One of India’s leading E-learning platforms, Learn4Exam, was the title sponsor of the event.

The first round, “A quick SNAP-shot”, was a quiz designed along the lines of the SNAP paper. There were 30 questions for 30 minutes, which was similar to the actual SNAP exam. This round tested the participant’s speed and preparedness and was a yardstick to measure where they stood. The round was an eliminator, and the top 150 students advanced to the second round of the competition. 

The second round was a case study that was aimed to provide exposure to future MBA students. Case studies are part and parcel of a B-school journey and equip one with critical thinking and strategic planning. The competitors received a case study revolving around sustainable practices in the automobile industry. The students were required to prepare a ten-slider PPT with the appropriate steps. The solution had to be prepared from all major verticals like Marketing, HR, and Finance, thus ensuring a holistic learning experience.

The third and final round of SCMHRD Zeal 3.0 was held on 18th October 2021. Ten finalists were shortlisted from all the case submissions received, and they were invited to present their case solutions to the jury. The Zeal winners of the last season, Yash Nayyar and Sourabh Chivate, who are current students of SCMHRD, joined the virtual event to encourage the participants. The esteemed jury for the day consisted of Prof Rajagopal K, Associate Professor, SCMHRD, Prof Sunit Joshi, Adjunct Professor, SCMHRD, and Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Founder- Learn4Exam. 

The case presentation was followed by a thought-provoking Q&A session. Ruby Catharin was declared the national winner of SCMHRD Zeal 3.0, followed by the first runner-up, Devansh Gupta, and the second runner-up, Prachi Dhote. Ruby took home a cash voucher of Rs 5000, while Devansh and Prachi were awarded cash vouchers worth 3000 and 2000, respectively. All the ten finalists received learning materials and preparatory mocks from Learn4Exam. 

The event concluded on an optimistic note, with the jury and the SCMHRD Admissions & PR team wishing all the Zealers the very best for their future endeavors. All the participants of the event were given a math compendium along with certificates. As yet another incredible season of SCMHRD Zeal comes to an end, SCMHRD hopes to witness many more of these ‘zealous’ events in the future.

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