The BT-MDRA Best B-schools Survey, the No. 1 ranking of its kind in the country, has undergone a radical makeover this year. This year, they have ranked institutes based only on objective data – data that they have submitted to Business today on the basis of a long and exhaustive questionnaire. Business today decided to do away with the perception and experiential rankings because they introduce an element of perception and understanding based on external knowledge, which may not necessarily reflect the dynamic changes the colleges go through year after year. The objective data, on the other hand, brings to the fore the true picture of this changed reality.

A list of over 1,800 B-Schools fulfilling the above criteria was prepared in which Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) Pune was ranked 20th overall. The different parameters for ranking the institutes were:




Learning experience 169.5/250
Living Experience 103.6/250
Placement performance 187.6/250
Selection process  and establishment 116.7/250
Future orientation 137.7/250


The total score obtained by SCMHRD from the above parameters was 715/1250 which helped it to achieve an overall of 20th rank among the 1800 B-schools surveyed. SCMHRD was also ranked 12th in the Selection Process, 12th in the Placement Process and 15th in Future Orientation, ahead of many other b-schools having an overall higher rank.

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