SCMHRD excels at Vishleshan, IIM Udaipur

15094395_1323633247682139_4935131647723062967_n“IIM Udaipur organised a case study competition: Vishleshan, which comprised of a dataset about different students of varied age groups. Based on 17 parameters like Family Size, Study Level, Free time, Relationship status, etc we had to predict who will have a tendency to drink alcohol on weekends. Different Machine learning algorithms were applied using R statistical software to get classification results. We were able to achieve an accuracy of 80% on test data. We learnt various novel applications of machine learning and predictive analytics in the course of solving this problem. We are thankful to God for being able to ace such a challenging event where the top ranks differed only by 0.25 percent of accuracy. ”
– Anirudh Seth and Ambrish Chatterjee
Winners, Vishleshan, IIM Udaipur

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