Sabudana Tales – From The Mess to Being Gourmet

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Before I begin to proceed to share my experience here at SCMHRD I feel this particular post might require a disclaimer! Even if you might feel otherwise, please don’t skip this bit! (You might miss the gist of the story)

  1. The person writing this post isn’t actually the Sabudana.
  2. This post in no way wishes to imply that SCMHRD had anything to do with the invention/creation of any of the Sabudana dishes mentioned in the post.
  3. Kindly refrain from leaving any comments about your opinion on Sabudana. It’s Distasteful!! (PS this is not the comments section)
  4. This post will have a few double entendres, so if the concept is lost on you please feel free to move onto the next post.
  5. The food committee of SCMHRD has not endorsed this post.
  6. This is not an awareness campaign about Sabudana( The author of this post has no clue about its health benefits)
  7. Any reference to an individual / committee is purely intentional( Relax, you yourself might not realise I’m referring to you)


And so it begins…

All my life I’ve felt like an odd ball (that’s actually my shape), with a unique taste which took time for others to get used to. That is why while choosing a B-school, I looked for diversity, a campus filled with radicals (I wonder where I heard this word recently), somewhere I could learn and relish (not the dressing, though Sabudana relish would be a crazy thought) the experience of being in a B-school. SCMHRD fulfilled that need (wants, demands). The cultural (and yeah educational) diversity it boasted of, was certainly alluring. Not to mention that Pune’s weather was far more attractive than my original state‘s climate (you may use Google at this point to check the origins of Sabudana a.k.a The Tapioca Sago).

My first month here was a whirlwind with everything seeming so chaotic and unorganized that it made me doubt my decision. I was initially bunked up alongside jeeratender (experience with “IT”) and cinnamonacharya (a naïve fresher) both of whom had very different cooking styles. More so my presence was not being felt (got proxy from Rawa Singh) and this was starting to bother me. To top it all the new batch had mixed opinions about me. A lot of my efforts were futile and went to waste (the dustbin) But I soon realised this is the learning SCMHRD brings. It toughened me up (I almost tasted like rubber). It taught me to adapt, to deal with rejection and to put up a strong front (though sometimes burnt) in adverse times.

Along came the senior batch in the second month after their coveted summer internships and immediately order was restored. My friend Peter Dahiwala was less sour thereafter. The Core foods (Roti, Subzi, Daal and Rice) were now clearly defined and this had every junior ingredient striving to make the cut. The Roti’s was perceived as the most important core food, the one all students could rely on right to the END. Subzi s sole aim was to attract the students and bring the best foodies on campus. Daal were the entertainers, where they made spectacular entries randomly during the course of the week. Some of the daals were even supersonic (#vh1pleasedontsueme). The rice brought comfort, it nourished the stomach and cured the soul. There were several other supplementary dishes that also had foodies raving about, thus making fellow ingredients like Peanutamma wanting to feature in the supplementary recipe. The combination of all these dishes is what makes completes the menu of SCMHRD.

The initial days upon the seniors return had us running around in different dishes, cooked in different styles, with different utensils and used in different meals during the times of the day. I loved every bit of this experience. It taught me to be able fry in no oil conditions, to boil without water and to shine through the masala. I now could cook faster, soak less and imbibe more.

Being a Sabudana I’ve always had a bias in becoming a Sabzi, namely “Sabudana Chilli Fry” (I like it spicy). That is when I was brought down to reality that I was amidst tough competition. I mean there were eggs, flour, milk and even chicken. Let’s just say I’m glad that the mess takes festivals into consideration thereby enabling me to volunteer in special dishes. This gave me experience I desperately needed.

Recognition is something that always been hard for me to come by. However I fondly remember on a fateful Monday morning, the 16th of some month that hard work does reap its benefits. Even though I was placed alongside the crazy people in the batch (literally bananas), my efforts were appreciated and nothing I did could go to waste (credits: Rice). This gave me confidence; a new belief in myself and an awakening to the potential I possess.

The ever changing recipes of the same dish groomed us to be better ingredients. We were even presented in different forms alongside different ingredients to deliver dishes we had never heard of. The rigorous excel sheet floated at the start of the week governed our daily schedules. Like the schedule in SCMHRD the menu was also subject to a VUCA environment. Change was suddenly a walk in the park and handling crisis seemed to be all in a day’s work. I was now growing more seasoned (translation more salty).

My journey through SCMHRD will always be special. I learnt to be more focused and gained a sense of direction rather than floating about (in a white liquid called kheer) with no goals. I realised that these two years showed me that I could go through any high pressure situation( the human body) and would be able to come out unscathed ( refer stools). I was ready to face any chef in any kitchen in any part of the world. After all don’t we all want to be the Chef’s recommendations?

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  1. Rahul Kulkarni
    20/09/2015 at 7:52 am

    You have personalized mess food for me.. Something that the authorities hv been trying to do from time immemorial!
    Great read 🙂 Kudos

  2. Pranay Pasricha
    21/09/2015 at 9:59 am

    The best sabudana vada i have ever had! 😀

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