Leadership Series Week at SCMHRD is going on in full swing, with a series of corporate leaders visiting the campus and sharing their valuable insights. This time it was India’s largest private sector corporation, The Reliance Industries Limited visiting on 22nd July. Mr. Rohan Sharma, head of Predictive Modelling, Predictive Analytics, Data Science Team at Reliance, visited the campus to share practical aspects of the corporate world. He has 10+ years of hands on experience in leading organizations in their analytics domain and has been building sustainable and scalable capability, capacity and credibility in solving various business problems through analytics and data science.

He started off the session by sharing his background details and how he transitioned from HR to HR analytics and then the analytics domain. He then, went on to speak about how and to what extent Analytics was helping various businesses within Reliance. The next part of the lecture was around Design thinking methodologies in detail, and how Apple has used it so efficiently. He also emphasised the application of design thinking in data analytics to solve business problems. The analogy given was that design thinking was like an eagle, searching for prey from above and Data science as a rhino which locks its target and attacks with precision and these were the two approaches to solve business problems.

Towards the end, Mr. Rohan shared some of the commandments he personally follows to achieve success on the business front. For example, starting small, telling people about what you are doing and why you are doing, etc. All these he said, has helped teams you work with, get rid of ambiguity and work towards a goal.

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