Reimagining EVP at Procter and Gamble

The Intern – Up Close and Personal: Hargun Dhutt is a student of Human Resource Management at SCMHRD, Pune. After completing her high school at Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, she left the Indian shores to pursue her Bachelors in Psychology from the University of British Colombia, Canada. She is a fun-loving person who loves gelling with her friends over food and music. Her love for music ranges over a wide spectrum of genres starting from classics like Elvis Presley, Etta James to contemporary Alternative Rock, Jazz, Rap etc. She is also very passionate about knowing about different cultures, reading about ancient civilizations, mythology etc. Her immense love for culture is evident from the fact that she considers curatorship in some museum of exotic artifacts as an alternative career in a parallel universe where she isn’t living her current dream career of an HR professional.

The P&G Experience: Although Hargun had a background in Psychology, her evaluation was more about knowing her as a person and whether she could fit seamlessly into their culture, rather than deep-diving into technicalities. She was elated beyond measure at having converted one of her first interviews and getting an opportunity to work at one of the most coveted companies on campus.

Hargun was posted at the P&G head office in Andheri East, Mumbai. She had returned to India after having spent several years in Canada and like a typical Delhite she wasn’t too impressed with the changes she saw in Mumbai vis-a-vis Delhi. However the all welcoming nature of her teammates and the superb culture at work more than made up for all of that. Her primary responsibility at work was reimagining P&G’s Employee Value Proposition. It dealt with all the different policies and practices within the organization, that helped attract, retain, motivate employees and be the bridge between the employees and the leadership’s genuine desire to keep the employees happy. Hargun had to look into these practices and policies of every single HR vertical and find out if there were any mismatches between the employees’ aspirations and how things actually were.

Usual Day at work: Hargun usually started her day at work at 9 am and worked till 5:30-6 in the evenings. However the timings as well as dress-code were as flexible as it can get and it was more about the productivity at work and the deliverables at the end of the day. The entire team usually went together for lunch and there were a couple of team dinners as well where the entire team had a lot of fun together.

What stood out for Hargun the most over the course of her internship was the open-door culture, where she could basically approach almost anyone rather than following a structured channel of communication.

Advice to future aspirants: According to Hargun, the most important factor, not just to survive but to excel in an organization is to communicate. Nothing really beats talking to people, be it in order to gather data, insights, running recommendations, feeding off other people’s ideas or bouncing our own ideas off.

Soon after her internship was over, the day of reckoning arrived and her joy knew no bounds when her internship translated into a successful PPO. We hope her inspiring story motivates even more people to pursue their dreams, and end up in coveted positions in their dream companies.

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