PPO Chronicles #9: Faraz Khan, Pidilite

Faraz Khan from the 2018-20 batch, pursuing Marketing, interned with Pidilite Industries. During his Internship, Faraz was working for Dr. Fix It, the construction chemical range of Pidilite. His project has two sides; Consumer research and Digital marketing. He was responsible for understanding and translating the journey of a new home owner as they go through the phases of saving, investing and finally becoming the owners of their very own home- for the purpose of promotional activities for the same.

During his research, Faraz traveled to Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai. He also contacted architects on LinkedIn and Facebook to get the first hand idea of the work that goes behind building a house that we can one day call a home. Additionally, he also interacted with multiple ad agencies as part of corporate communication and learned new insights to employ for his project.

The best part about his work was that he was reporting directly to the CEO and the leader that he was under, was known to him. Additionally, right from the start, both the CEO and the leadership made him feel at ease. At work he was given the scope of spending close to 1.5 lacs on his suggestions, in terms of pilots and research ideas. Freedom like this was only possible because of the open-door culture at Pidilite, which allowed him to be more comfortable and therefore more productive.

Faraz’s ability to proactively absorb whatever was thrown at him and translating that knowledge into action rapidly, was his ultimate competitive advantage. During his Mid Review, he was able to give 16 suggestions to the panel and got compliments on his work from the CEO himself. To the batch of 2019-21, Faraz says, “Take the feedback during internship seriously. Deliver with 100% performance. Be outgoing, think diverse, research well and don’t be too casual. What helped me was thinking strategically and understanding different perspectives to excel at my work.”

Many congratulations and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.

  • Aanchal Negi, Media & PR Team

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