PPO Chronicles #8: Prajnajit Pani, Pidilite

Prajnajit completed his Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar and joined SCMHRD, forgoing his offer from Maruti Suzuki India Limited. He wanted to continue the streak of academics as he felt that the transition from academics to corporate life and again coming back to academics is not that smooth. As he was always inclined to build a career in HR, SCMHRD was his best offering. He went on to intern at Pidilite Industries during his summer internship.

His project was to study and analyze the beliefs and attitudes of the potential employees about Pidilite and suggest improvements. The project was in the domain of employer branding and recruitment marketing, a new concept in HR, part of talent acquisition.  The scope comprised of students pursuing MBA currently and the batches graduated during the past 5 years from the top 20 B-Schools. His objective was to look for parameters on which the potential employees judge an employer and how they perceive a firm like Pidilite in those parameters. His context was to make Pidilite one of the most desirable companies to work for.

The best part about Pidilite is that they start evaluating the candidate from the beginning. They determine what domain would best suit the candidate, based on the parameters on which they judge the candidate during the selection process. In addition, there is plenty of opportunity to interact with the leadership, be it the President HR; who remains present during your initial briefing, mid-reviews and final review. It gives you a platform to delve deep into the domain you are assigned and what the firm expects out of you. At the firm, his mentor was equally supportive and available for his queries, round the clock.

During the project, he took many responses from the potential employees and was able to meet the targets and produce insights successfully. The edge that he got over the others was the response he received from the leadership team about the structuring: he had divided his project into 3 parts, data collection, analysis and suggestions. The CHRO appreciated the way in which he had structured and analyzed the entire project. It gave the firm an insight on how to quantifiably analyze a problem through his work.

Prajnajit feels that there is more to an internship than just the learning experience. Learning happens organically when one is striving to solve a problem. He believes, in those two months one must focus on how to give back to the firm more than what the firm gives you. He says, “They invest a lot of capital and time on interns and it is our duty to deliver back substantially to the firm. The expectations are always sky high and one needs to work hard and smart at the same time.”

Many congratulations and all the very best, from every one of us at SCMHRD.

  • Siwalik Mishra, Media & PR Team

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