PPO Chronicles #64: Shivam Bansal, Capgemini

Shivam Bansal, from the 2018-20 batch pursuing Human resources, did his internship with Capgemini. He was part of the Performance management team of Financial Services SBU. His project was to apply data analytics and find insights from Strategic Talent Review, which is the forward-looking assessment and succession planning for Capgemini Financial services SBU top leadership. This included the implementation of a 9 box grid (Performance and Potential) and various leadership dimensions according to business requirements.

Shivam described his internship to be an exciting experience due to the high quality of projects assigned and the guidance he received from his mentors and colleagues. He happily acknowledges that people there are really helpful and approachable.

Before joining SCMHRD, Shivam completed B.Tech in Computer Science and had work experience, which he believed helped inculcate in him a unique approach towards work, willingness to go the extra mile and the ability to solve complex issues. Added to that, since his prior experience was also in an IT firm, it gave him a good idea about the culture and style of working. Shivam’s ability to provide a comprehensive and insightful analysis of performance data gave him a competitive edge over others. 

As a suggestion to the junior batch, he reiterates that it is important to understand the company and the industry overview of the organization that one is placed in. It is equally necessary to talk to seniors, connect via LinkedIn with the people who worked with the company and understand their projects in general. This helps in getting an idea about the work culture and expectations of senior management. After getting the project, it is recommended to understand the various facets of the case. A good connection with the mentor facilitates in getting to know the ultimate objective of the project at each stage.

We are proud of your achievement Shivam. Many congratulations and all the very best from each one of us at SCMHRD.

 -Shrividya Vemparala, Media and PR Team

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